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Product Specification

& Procurement

We are an independent specification and procurement company so are able to source from any manufacturer worldwide to optimise the end result.  We extensively mock up and test all new products for projects to ensure they deliver the desired result.  There is no better way than understanding a product than to live with it, the images below show our Creative Director's house. Rebecca has used the Rinia Linear LED extensively throughout in both 2400k for evenings and 3000k in the basement for during the day.  A Lasvit Never Ending Pendant provides the focal point to the hallway whilst in the lower ground floor, the Laser Blades over the kitchen island do the hard work of optimising the task lighting.

Please call our team to discuss your project requirements, we extensively assist interior designers and architects along with private clients ensuring the right light fittings are specified for a project. We would be delighted to welcome you to our office to show the products prior to purchase. If the project is extensive or requires additional support we may recommend use of our Fast Track Design Service to ensure we are able to offer the time and attention your project deserves.


Delivering Exceptional Lighting

Unit 1 and 2, 45 Penton Place, London SE17 3DN

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