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Tel: +44 203 198 9002

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Light has the capacity to captivate our every waking hour, the subtle changes of wispy clouds passing on a summers day, the threatening darkness of storm clouds, the dancing ripples of light glistening on water - all these magical elements can now be captured within your home. Through the use of lighting controls systems your interior lighting scheme can respond to the natural changes and rhythms of the day. Light is the interior designers and architects greatest tool for changing the home from one atmosphere to another. light has the ability to draw our attention to an object, to create focal points. Imagine a system that knows you are at the end of your road, that turns on the lights according to the time of day, that responds at the touch of a button to your needs and moods. 

Lightbout.iQ provides tailored lighting control services for all sizes of projects. You will be provided with a single point of contact and supported by an in-house technical team.

You will be offered the following optional services: 

  • Outline lighting control strategy

  • Fixed fee programming and commissioning

  • After Care Service

  • Fast Track Service Charged On An Hourly rate    

Single room controls are suitable for the smaller premise. Often ideal for a small open plan kitchen. These intuitive, easy to use systems add a touch of glamour and modernity to any environment.


Most new homes now incorporate modern home technology. The benefits are numerous, including ease of use, energy saving, all house off, vacation mode etc. We would be delighted to assist you so that you can discover more about our favourite lighting controls systems.

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Further news for the fast track developments.


Is your home in need of an update? Have you moved in to a new home ? Are your lighting controls outdated or in need of reprogramming to meet your current needs. Allow us to assist. We charge an hourly rate and can reprogramme your system allowing you to maximise the benefits of the system installed.